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About Us

The Transport Service You Need

We are all about the Customer. Everything we do is geared toward complete customer satisfaction. You tell us what you want and we will make it happen. There is no substitute for old fashioned, put your nose to the grindstone, hard work. We refuse to be outworked. From the moment the customer and the company have made contact, it will immediately become evident that you are dealing with a company that truly has the customer’s best interests in mind. The best way to demonstrate that customer commitment is by actions. We have a simple philosophy, “Doers don’t talk, and talkers don’t Do.”


We have values we don’t compromise on

USA Coach Buses  has core values that we expect everyone on our team to live up to. If we ever fail to live up to our own expectations, let us know. We’ll make it right.


At USA Coach Buses, on time means arriving 15 minutes early. We will be waiting for you at each and every pick up.


You call, we answer. It is beyond frustrating to be unable to speak to a live person when you want to. Call us and you will be accommodated.


The backbone of our customer commitment is to always “Do the Right Thing” Every situation in life has a right thing and wrong thing that can be done. USA Coach Buses will always “Do the Right Thing”.



USA Coach Buses fully understands that things can change. This is where we really outperform the competition. Our experience, travel acumen and sterling reputation in the transportation industry allows us to effortlessly adjust to any customer needs or concerns before, during and after any trip.



Customer safety is paramount to USA Coach Buses. All driver’s are strictly vetted and are subject to a quarterly intense evaluation. Any driver’s performance that does not live up to USA Coach Buses standards is removed from the team. No exceptions.

All buses are routinely inspected and go through a multipoint inspection prior to and while the trip is underway.

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